Dr s Krishna Kumar is the chief consultant and director of Sree Krishna Clinic and Cancer Research at Gandhinagar, Kochi, Kerala. Clinic was established in 1980 and it has two branches one at Cherthala, in Alleppey district and another at Coimbatore district in Tamilnadu. After completing his studies in homoeopathic medical college he started his private practice in the year 1980. His continuous and strenuous studies and research in the field of tumor pathology he could found some effective homoeopathic drugs for the treatment of cancer. He could found certain medicines that could affect cellular apoptosis in cancer patients that can prevent DNA damage, and can effect metastasis suppressor gene nm23 from its malfunction such medicines in its combination can affect all this changes in the cells. He formulated certain homoeopathic drugs and used them for the treatment and management of cancer patients.

He had treated and cured so many cases of cancer patients from different parts of Kerala, India and abroad with formula obtained from his personal research studies. He is specialized in the treatment of cancer such as liver cancer, lung cancer .prostate cancer, bone cancer, colo-rectal cancer, stomach cancer and brain tumor. He has received Award for his marvelous achievement in the field of cancer treatment and research from Mr.Oomman chandy the chief minister of Kerala. He is also the direct board member and surgent at arms of rotary club international of Cherthala. He was honored at a function held in rotary club for his achievements. He received award from former forest minister of kerala Mr.Binoy vishwam. Received award from Mr.K.C.Joseph, Hon. Minister for culture and social welfare, kerala in the year 2011. Excellency Award from Mr. Anoop Jacob Hon.minister for civil supplies Kerala in the year 2013. Best medical services Award from Mr. K.P.Mohanan, Hon.Minister for Agriculture, Kerala in the year 2014. He has received Internationel Malayalee Achievement Award in the year 2011 from Melboun Australia for his achievements in the field of cancer treatment and FOKANA AWARD from America for his marvellous and curative treatments for cancer patients all over the world.

Doctor in his personal research in the field of cancer since last 31 years claims that he could cure patients suffering from cancer if they come for treatment in its first or second stage without taking chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He is also treating patients with great success for uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, thyroid, kidney stones and renal failure, He claims diseases are psychosomatic and should be treated in the same way as it developed. He is qualified in psychology and naturopathy. He worked with !ate rev Fr Geo Kappalumakkal famous psychologist and one of the most eminent personality in the treatment and management of mental patients for last 53yrs, in his counselling centre at Palai in Kerala. While working in counselling centre at Palai he could study different ways of hypnotherapy and methods of exposing one's sub conscious mind and finding out the problems hiding inside. This helped him to solve so many psycho somatic disorders in its shortest time.

He is a post graduate doctor in homeopathy (specialisation in gynaecology) {PG hom London} from Hahnneman medical college London {university of west London } and now doing his fellowship (F.C.A.H) from Maharashtra university of health science, mumbay in India.
Has received excellancy award in the field of cancer treatment fr. hon.minister of civilsupplies kerala Mr.Anoopjacob on month of may 2013. And award from hon. kerala agriculture minister sri. K.P MOHANAN on 27.05.2014.