About the centre
From our research in this field we have formulated effective homeopathic drugs for the management of cancer patients.We got positive results in the shortest time say about within 2 months time in 80% of the total cases.It can be observed as follows:
  1. Relief of the symptoms of patients
  2. Reduction in the size of tumor observed from MRI,CT scan reports
  3. Redution in the observed value of tumor marker tests eg:
it is observed that if all these tests shows positive results with in two months period the patient will be permanently cured,if one or two tests shows no relief in there value, no matter we can extend the life expectancy without any alarming . 

In this center he has treated thousands of cancer patients of various types.eg:toungue cancer,oesophagus cancer,lung cancer,brain tumor,liver cancer,prostrate cancer,stomach cancer,kidney cancer,skin cancer,lymphomas,uterine cancer,breast cancer,bladder cancer,colo-rectal cancer,blood cancer, laryngial cancer,pyriform fossa cancer with great sucess.Dr.s krishna kumar chief physician of this centre have got award from honourable chief minister of kerala Mr.Oomen chandy for his marvelous achivements in the field of cancer research and treatment in homeopathy.He got "gandhian puraskaram"-award from hon-minister of kerala for culture Mr.K C joseph and international malayali achivement award for cancer reserch and treatment from australia. FOKANA AWARD from AMERICA 

Our medicines are very effective even though the patients have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy but the success rate is more if the patients are not taken allopathic treatments for cancer .we can claim 80% success rate if they come for treatment in the first or second stage, in terminal stages 50%-60% success can be claimed from our experience

Chemotherapy drugs affects immune system very badly and these drugs produces violent and harmful side effects in every system of body. eg:brain and spinal cord, Gastro-intestinal system, endocrine system, uro-genital system, skin and mucus membrane, bones and born marrow ,cardio vascular, respiratory and blood, so in such cases we have to treat the side effects also along with cancer 

Radiation therapy causes local cell death and drastic side effects of radio-active agents so it is observed that many patients develop tumours in different parts of body after 6 months of radiation therapy in these cases we have to treat side effects of radiation along with proper cancer treatment 

In our centre we use MRI scan, CT scan, ultra sonography scan, blood test for the detection of cancer eg:CEA test, cefra 21.1,beta 2 micro-globulin, NSE test, CA-125, CA-15.3, CA-19.9 etc.These tests and investigations should be repeated every month for monitoring the progress of cancer patients before and after taking our medicines. 

THe p53 genes plays a critical role in defence against cancer. It controls cancer cell growth and initiates a self destruct program in cancerous cells. There are numerous cancer detection and prevention tests -AMAS anti malignin antibody screen test is designed to pick up cancers in advance of other signs and symptoms, BTA biological terraine assessment that measures your blood, saliva and urine for ph balance and minerals in this fluids. It will shoe how healthy your cells are,EVP test -epstein bar virus for the detection of naso-pharyngeal cancer 

we treat gynaecological cases with success. we offer treatments for uterine fibroids, ovary cysts, endometriosis, infertility, uterine prolapse, menstrual pain, breast tumours etc. In fibroid cases we offer medical treatment there by we can avoid surgery .Usually the fibroids tumours began to shrink within 3 months of medication. 

Ovarian cyst-ovarian cyst usually a cause of female infertility because healthy ovums are not produced in such cases so that ovulation may not be possible. In this PCOD cases we offer better treatment our medicines can correct hormone balance and healthy ovum production. 

Endometriosis usually seen during productive years of female. Main symptoms may be pelvis pain, can be mild to severe cramping in whole pelvis. It causes female infertility and other symptoms may be dysmenorrhoea, chronic pain in pelvis, dysparunia- painfull sex and dysurea- painfull urination. we offer best treatment for endometriosis and adenomyosis, without surgery 

There are lot of causes for infertility can be from male side or female side for this we have to examine both partners. eg:semen analysis, uss of testis and other tests for male.For females, ultra sound scan of uterus and ovaries, hormone tests and other necessary tests. you can avoid IVF treatment and we get 80% of sucess in infertility cases.

Breast tumours-there are two types of breat tumours,benign and malignant tumor. Most of the beneign tumors are harmless it usually apper as a lump in breast,can be palpated or confrimed by mamography.At any time it can become cancerous one.In malignant tumors it develeop as cancer tumors and can spread by secondarys to neighbouring parts of body in both cases we offers best treatments with out surgery. 

Thyroid disorders
we offer best treatment for hypothyroidsm.hormone secretion from the thyroid gland becomes normal after takeing medicines for a period of minimum 3 months.the medicines stimulate the secretary cells in the thyroid glands and began to produce hormones in natural way. In nodular goiter nodules like tumors are being developed in the body of thyroid glands.It usually starts as swelling of thyroid,in most cases surgery cannot cure these cases because the tumour relapses even after surgery. We offer best treatment to cure nodular goitre without surgery.